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EveryMind is an accredited organization that provides help and hope to infants, children, youth, young adults (up to age 25) and families who live in the Region of Peel.

Who We Are

Since 1985, EveryMind has inspired hope by leading in the delivery of high quality mental health services for infants, children, youth, young adults (up to age 25) and families in the Region of Peel.

We are a caring community working together for children, youth and families. We are welcoming and genuine, and we listen deeply to understand our clients’ needs, creating space for them to feel safe, heard and supported.

As authentic and inclusive leaders, we are driven to help others. We lead by example and believe that collaboration increases our capacity to add value and make an impact for our clients, community and sector.

We serve our clients with pride and passion. By delivering high quality services that exceed our clients’ expectations, we inspire them to feel empowered and optimistic about today and tomorrow.

The essence of everything we do is hope and a belief that positively impacting the lives of infants, children, youth, young adults and families will make our communities healthier and happier for everyone.

For more information about EveryMind’s role as Lead Agency for child and youth mental health services in the Region of Peel, click here.

Who We Serve

Our free, confidential and high quality mental health services are for infants, children, youth, young adults (up to age 25) and families who live in the Region of Peel.

To find out more about how you can access our services, visit WhereToStart.ca or call 905-451-4655 to speak with an Access and Intake Specialist who will listen to your concerns and help you find the right program or service for you or your child’s needs.

Our Philosophy

We strive for excellence by providing mental health services that are client-centred and strengths-based. We believe in:

  • Engaging infants, children, youth, young adults and families in all aspects of service
  • Keeping families together whenever possible.
  • Working as a team of professionals to help infants, children, youth and young adults achieve their full potential.
  • Providing timely, relevant and effective services to meet the unique needs of each infant, child, youth and young adult we serve.
  • Working with community partners to offer infants, children, youth, young adults and families the experience of a well-coordinated service system.
  • Using evidence-informed practices and measuring outcomes to ensure effective services.
  • Engaging in continuous improvement initiatives with our clients, staff and community partners.
  • Participating in research that adds knowledge in the field of infant, child, youth and young adult mental health.
  • Supporting clinical service delivery with a comprehensive, effective and efficiently operated infrastructure.

Our Board of Directors

EveryMind is governed by a Board of Directors. Our Board is comprised of community volunteers with a range of personal and professional experience and who care deeply about serving infants, children, youth and young adults in Peel Region. Our current Board of Directors includes:

  • Nainesh Kotak, President
  • Gopala Narayanan, Vice-President
  • Cara Cross, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Susan Mohos
  • Rory McNabb
  • Elaine Moore
  • Nkunda Kabateraine
  • Sean Gormley
  • Jim Murray
  • Snehal Belgaumkar
  • Sylvia Coughlin

If you are living or working in Peel and have interest in joining EveryMind’s Board of Directors, please contact us at executiveservices@everymind.ca.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Inspiring hope by leading in the delivery of high quality mental health services.

Our Vision

Caring communities working together for children, youth and families.

Our Values

Accountable: Being ethical, transparent, efficient and effective

Respectful: Caring with integrity and honouring dignity

Inclusive: Embracing diversity and cultural competence

Responsive: Being flexible, accessible and adaptive

Learning: Pursuing opportunities to know more and do better

Innovative: Using information, initiative, and imagination

Collaborative: Working together in partnership

Accreditation and Quality Improvement

Accreditation is an external peer review process that evaluates the services provided by an organization against national standards of excellence. It identifies what is being done well and what needs to be improved.

At the end of February 2024, EveryMind underwent an on-site survey under Accreditation Canada’s rigorous Qmentum Global™ program and has been Accredited with Commendation.

Accreditation Canada is a global, not-for-profit organization with a vision of safer care and a healthier world. Working together with Health Standards Organization (HSO), Accreditation Canada’s people-centered programs and services are setting the bar for quality and safety across health and social service organizations by delivering a range of high-impact assessment programs for more than 60 years.

EveryMind achieved 94.6% of the 650 applicable criteria across core standards of governance, leadership, medication management, infection prevention and control, and service excellence, as well as sector-specific standards for community-based mental health services and supports, and child, youth, and family services.

Surveyors commended the organization for its passion in the provision of high quality and safe services, impressive community partnerships, meaningful engagement with youth and families, and commitment to a culture of excellence, innovation, and wellness. Collaboration was recognized as a core strength.

Surveyors encouraged EveryMind to continue its learning journey in the areas of cultural humility and together with community partners, to consider new perspectives and approaches in dealing with longer wait times, high service demands, and increased client complexity of needs.

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