EveryMind is a charity that meets the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency, which administers federal tax laws for the Government of Canada. (

EveryMind’s charitable business number is 11908 7807 RR0001. EveryMind’s Registered Charity Information Return is available for viewing on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

EveryMind complies with the requirements of Ontario’s Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive to post on the organization’s website its procurement policy integrating the Ontario Broader Public Sector Supply Chain Code of Ethics.

EveryMind also complies with the requirement of Ontario’s Broader Public Sector Expenses Directive to post the organization’s policy on reimbursable expenses for travel, meals and hospitality.

Additionally, EveryMind complies with the Ontario government’s requirement to post the organization’s Customer Service Standard in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). All information is available in accessible formats upon request. Click here to view our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.