We recognize and value diversity in our workplace, our clientele and our communities, and are actively engaged in creating equitable and inclusive opportunities and outcomes for all.

EveryMind and its staff are privileged to work in Peel, one of Canada’s most diverse regions. As the Lead Agency for child and youth mental health in the Region of Peel, we acknowledge the existence of systemic racism in the child and youth mental health (CYMH) sector, and in EveryMind. We are aware that there are many long-standing and consistent systemic barriers in accessing CYMH services, and that we may have contributed to these barriers.

As a community organization, especially one that works with infants, children, youth, families and caregivers, we have a moral obligation and an ethical responsibility to help eliminate inequities and ensure that everyone who needs help, gets it, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, language, culture, identity, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, visible or invisible disabilities, socio-economic background or other dimensions of diversity.

To do so, we have spent the past year reflecting and renewing our commitment to a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) journey that is authentic, accountable, impactful and sustainable. Specifically, we have been working with Deloitte Canada to build a comprehensive DEI Strategy, with a focus on dismantling Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous racism, and other forms of discrimination against racialized minorities.

EveryMind’s DEI strategy will articulate a clear path forward that is reflective of the voices and opinions of our communities, clients, partners and staff. It will be client-centered and service-focused, culturally sensitive to employees and communities served. As a living document, it will be action-oriented and will inform annual DEI workplans. It will include best practices for measuring progress and sustaining healthy DEI practices as we embrace opportunities for real change and action in support of our Mission.

We commit to engage with our community partners in our DEI and anti-racism journey. Next steps will include the release of our DEI strategy on our website.

Together, EveryMind believes that we can, and will, steadily build towards a better future for our community, one that recognizes and respects our diversity and the value equity and inclusivity brings to all.