Environmental Sustainability

Our Environmental Sustainability policy was developed to acknowledge and identify EveryMind’s commitment to make environmentally conscious decisions whenever possible in our organizational operations.

While we have room to improve in this area, there are a number of choices that EveryMind has made with the environment in mind.

  • EveryMind has contracted with and pays a monthly fee to an external vendor to support recycling at our office locations
  • EveryMind staff receive a re-usable water bottle when joining the organization and filtered water coolers are in place to discourage single use plastic bottles
  • We have already, and continue to, replace many of our lights with LED fixtures and bulbs (energy efficient, produce zero toxic elements, have a longer life span)
  • Moved towards promotional items that are more environmentally friendly (recycled paper bookmarks embedded with seeds that can be planted, reusable sandwich bags)
  • Changed processes to support electronic documents over paper where and when possible

As we work to build awareness of our environmental impact, we are aware that many of you are knowledgeable about and interested in leveraging opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint.  To support this, an environmental feedback email address has been created as a place where staff, stakeholders and clients, who would like to share suggestions on green opportunities, can reach out.

Please send any thoughts or ideas on how EveryMind can become ‘more green’ to green@everymind.ca

All suggestions will be reviewed and if possible, integrated into our operations.

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