We’re here to help you or someone you know.

1 in 5 young people struggle with their mental health, but many do not know how to find help.

That’s why in Peel Region, we have 3 ways to help children, youth and young adults (up to age 25) get connected to free and confidential mental health services that can help them.


WhereToStart.ca provides coordinated access to community-based mental health services for children, youth, young adults (up to age 25) and families in Peel Region.

When you call WhereToStart.ca, an Access and Intake Specialist will listen to you, ask questions and help you find the right program or service for you or your child’s unique needs.

To request an intake appointment, or for more information, please visit WhereToStart.ca or call 905-451-4655. An Access and Intake Specialist will follow-up with you within 1-2 business days.

Tangerine Walk-In Counselling

Tangerine Walk-In Counselling is a free, single-session counselling service for children, youth (under 18) and families who live in Peel Region.

Tangerine Walk-In Counselling helps children, youth and families develop action plans that recognize and build on their own strengths and abilities. In many cases, a single session is all that is needed in order for a young person or family to feel better about their situation and start taking steps toward positive change.

Visit TangerineWalkIn.com or call 905-795-3530 to learn more and request a session.

Ce service est disponible en français.

24/7 Crisis Response

If you or your child/family are in crisis, help is only a phone call away.

When you call EveryMind’s 24/7 Crisis Response Service at 905-278-9036, you will be connected to a crisis worker who will talk to you about what you’re going through and help you make a plan. We can also help you get connected to ongoing supports.

Call us at 905-278-9036 to access free and confidential support when you need it the most. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays.

905-278-9036 (or 1-888-811-2222 in Caledon and Dufferin) also connects to 24/7 Crisis Support from CMHA Peel Dufferin for adults and youth ages 16 and older.

If you are age 16 or 17, when you call 905-278-9036, you will be able to choose whether you prefer crisis support from EveryMind or CMHA Peel Dufferin.