Welcome to EveryMind – A Message from Our CEO

Welcome to EveryMind’s new website which, following the amalgamation of Peel Children’s Centre and Nexus Youth Services on April 1, 2020, celebrates the beginning of a new era for our organization!

As you explore EveryMind.ca, I hope you will feel the pride EveryMind’s staff feel for the life-changing work we do. We are passionate about the mental health and well-being of every infant, child, youth and young adult in Peel. They are our priority, as conveyed by our new name and the EveryMind brand of hope, possibility and the belief in a brighter future.

With a Mission to inspire hope by leading in the delivery of high quality mental health services, and a Vision of caring communities working together for children, youth and families, EveryMind is welcoming and genuine. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, igniting feelings of resiliency and optimism for the future.

Success with our clients requires that we continue to build and champion a diverse, inclusive and culturally competent workforce of highly qualified and caring professionals. We know that EveryMind’s staff are the heart of our organization and the reason why our clients and community trust us.

Within our broader community, as a service provider and as Lead Agency for child and youth mental health in the Peel service area, EveryMind pursues partnerships and collaborations that make our community stronger for the future. Peel Region is Ontario’s fastest growing and most diverse community, second only in population to Toronto, and yet chronic underfunding continues to deprive our most vulnerable community members of the services they need to thrive. Together with our partners, we must continue to advocate for equitable funding.

Our transition to EveryMind and our launch of EveryMind.ca have happened in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, sharply juxtaposing our message of hope against the harsh realities and inequities that exist in our world today, and in our Peel community. Systemic racism against Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) is undeniable and unacceptable. EveryMind.ca acknowledges and validates the depth of pain experienced by so many people in our community. On behalf of myself and my leadership team, I want you to know how important this issue is to us. We are ramping up our diversity efforts for greater impact. EveryMind has committed to a new diversity and inclusion strategy, which will focus on inclusion, diversity, equity and anti-racism. The strategy will be informed by knowledgeable and experienced experts.

As EveryMind continues to advance our Vision, Mission, and Strategic Directions, we will continue to live by our Values. We will not ignore the challenges before us or the hard work to be done to ensure that our community has access to the mental health services it needs. In the face of challenge, EveryMind chooses to look for opportunities to innovate. We are proud of our history and we are prepared to lead and serve our community into the future with courage and conviction.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us at EveryMind.ca.

Ceri Harnden, MBA
Chief Executive Officer