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Empowering young people as valuable partners in addressing and making decisions about issues that affect them personally and/or that they believe to be important.

Youth Engagement means that young people are involved in planning and making decisions that affect themselves and others.

Youth Engagement happens in youth-adult partnerships that are structured so that both groups contribute, teach, and learn from each other. Through Youth Engagement, service providers can do a better job of creating the services, opportunities, and supports that young people need to develop in healthy ways. Youth Engagement also offers service providers the expertise and partnership of young people, helping adults fully understand what it is like to grow up in a rapidly changing world.

One example of this kind of work is the Youth Peer Support pilot project, a youth peer-to-peer support program, conducted as a system-wide initiative. Check out the executive summary of the legacy report to learn more. For the full legacy report, please contact

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